The Buffalo River Clinic is pleased to offer family behavioral health services to the people of Marion County and the surrounding areas of the Ozarks. Our mission is to empower people to improve their lives. We recognize that empowered providers stand the best chance of living out this mission with those they serve. Our leadership is local and our providers are already an integral part of this close knit community. We hope to move our mission forward by being exceptional care providers, community members, and partners. Below you will find a listing of services. 

Psychiatric Consultation and Medication Management

Psychiatric Medication Services are services for children and adults who are in need of medication to assist them in their therapeutic process of recovery. Medication Management Services are those that are directly related to the prescription, administration, education, and /or monitoring of medications intended for the treatment and management of the symptoms of a mental health diagnosis. All of our medication management services are offered by our fully licensed Advanced Practice PsychiatricNurses Practitioner.
Outpatient Therapy- Mental Health Outpatient therapy services are provided to either children or adults with mental health needs using abroad array of best practices and evidence based treatment options. Outpatient therapy typically occurs in our office and can include meeting individually, as a family or in a group. The goal of our outpatient counseling is to strengthen a person’s primary relationships, assist individuals in realizing their fullest potential, promote happiness, and support and foster individual strength and capacity for growth. Children, Adults and Families who are having difficulty in day to day functioning due to emotional distress are eligible for this service.
In order to see patients with insurance, you must first be credentialed as a behavioral health provider with the insurance company.  This involves going through the credentialing process and getting contracted with the health payer.  The same enrollment process must be completed for Medicare and Medicaid as well.  We utilized a company to assist us with the credentialing process.  If you are unable to see us due a plan that we’re not participating with, we will work with our partner to get credentialed.   For more information on a service to help you get credentialed, visit  Physician Practice Specialists Health Credentialing